Huge SCOTUS victory for Cali churches & synagogues


In an enormous victory for churches and religion in California, the Supreme Court overturned a September ruling today which upheld California’s COVID policies that severely restricted church attendance during the pandemic.

The Supreme Court overturned the lower federal court ruling in favor of churches and synagogues in New York.

The high court’s unsigned order, with no noted dissent, leaves the California restrictions in place for now. But it throws out a federal district court ruling that rejected a challenge to the limits from Pasadena-based Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry, which has more than 160 churches across the state.

Last week, the Supreme Court split 5-4 in holding that New York could not enforce certain limits on attendance at churches and synagogues.

California Gov. Gavin has inflicted arbitrary and Draconian rules on church and synagogue goers. He even bans indoor singing and chanting.

The Supreme Court clearly instructed the lower court to rule based on their prior ruling that denied New York Governor Andrew Cuomo the ability to set limits on church capacities, saying he’d violated their first amendment rights to free speech.

If this lower court insists on not following the Supreme Court’s Cuomo ruling, then the high court will end up ruling in favor of the churches on its own.

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