Huge Times Square Billboard Depicts Alien Attack on Police


Alvin Bragg, a pro-criminal District Attorney in charge of prosecutions, set illegal aliens free after they savagely attacked two police officers. They were later rounded up only because the backlash was harsh and swift.

Job Creator’s network has a new billboard in criminal-owned Times Square depicting the attack. It says:

“Hey, Joe! If cops aren’t safe because of your open borders, nobody is,” reads the billboard, showing video of NYPD officers being beaten by a group of illegals outside a taxpayer-funded shelter last month.

The X post by Job Creators Network links to their site with a photo of the billboard and asks for donations.

“The Biden administration has allowed the southern border to descend into chaos that is now affecting the entire country,” said Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer of the Job Creators Network. “

“Notably, Main Street is facing elevated crime that is increasing operating costs for nearly one-third of brick-and-mortar small businesses, according to our latest polling. It’s also having a chilling effect on consumer foot traffic. President Biden needs to stop playing political games with the southern border.”

The Biden administration already has the tools and resources to secure the southern border. Tell the White House to act NOW.

See the billboard in the video below.


Biden claims he might pass executive actions to close the border, but it would only be temporary. As Speaker Johnson said on Thursday, reports that President Biden is considering using his executive authority to address the situation at the southern border amount to “election year gimmicks.”

The statement:

“Now, in an election year, after the president has surrendered the border to cartels and smugglers, after tens of thousands of Americans have tragically lost their lives due to fentanyl poisoning, after countless unaccompanied minors and young people have been subjected to human trafficking, and after millions of illegal aliens have been scattered by the Biden administration throughout our country — the President suddenly seems interested in trying to make a change using the legal authority that he claimed until recently didn’t exist,” Johnson said in a statement.

“Americans have lost faith in this President and won’t be fooled by election year gimmicks that don’t actually secure the border. Nor will they forget that the President created this catastrophe and, until now, has refused to use his executive power to fix it,” he added.

The Speaker said Biden “can show he’s serious” about taking action by “reinstituting the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and ending his administration’s abuse of the parole system, along with other critical reforms.”

The House is preparing to shut down the government to get a border bill, not the fraudulent one the Senate passed.

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