Hundreds of CA governor recall ballots (and a gun) found in felon’s car


Now I can say I told you so! On August 16th, I posted an article telling you how every California voter would receive a mail-in recall ballot. In my opening paragraph, I asked, “What could possibly go wrong?”

I can now answer that question. Last week, 300 mail-in ballots were found in the car of a convicted felon.

Torrance, California, police responded to a call from a convenience store. A driver was found passed out in his car. Along with those ballots, police found drugs, several driver’s licenses, stolen credit cards, and a loaded gun. The driver was arrested on multiple felony charges.

Police are now working with the postal service to send new recall ballots to voters identified in their investigation. This incident is not tied to thefts of additional ballots, according to police.

The U.S. Postal Service and Los Angeles District Attorney Public Integrity Unit partnered with local police to investigate how the suspect obtained the ballots.

Police would never have found the stolen ballots if an alert store clerk hadn’t called police. One has to wonder, how many other stolen ballots have not been found?

This incident underscores the problem with mail-in ballots in particular and our voting system in general. Efforts to secure our elections and prevent voter fraud have met with stiff opposition.

If a stupid criminal high on drugs can easily obtain mail-in ballots, then how easy is it for unscrupulous election officials to commit voter fraud? We found out in November 2020.

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