Hungary Snubs US Delegation When They Arrive Uninvited


If you can consider a RINO warmonger like Thom Tillis, a Republican, then you can say a bipartisan delegation of US senators officially visited Hungary’s capital on Sunday. It’s more like a Uniparty delegation. In addition to Thom Tillis (NC), Democrats Janine Sheen (NH) and Chris Murphy (CT) accompanied him to Budapest. The Hungarian leadership refused to meet with them.

They were there to bully Victor Orbán into accepting Sweden’s membership in NATO. Sweden would become the 32nd country to enter the alliance, originally an alliance of only 15 countries.

Prime Minister Victor Orbán does not want to expand NATO because it will incite Russian President Putin. Prime Minister Orbán has repeatedly said that he does not want war with Russia. He said that in a war with Russia, Russia has nukes, Russia wins.

During a news conference at the US Embassy in Budapest, Senator Tillis said, “With accession, Hungary and your Prime Minister will be doing a great service to freedom–loving nations worldwide.”

The irony of that is Ukraine is a dictatorship. They have canceled elections, banned an entire sect of religion, and dragged men off the street to fight in the war – the average age of a Ukrainian soldier is now mid-40s. Anyone who criticizes the government is imprisoned – US puppet Zelensky made criticizing him or the war against the law. Political opponents sometimes end up dead or disappear. The government of Vlad Zelensky has banned all political parties but his own.

No one in the Hungarian government agreed to meet with the US delegation. They left them sitting in the embassy, knowing they intended to threaten, coerce, badger, and bully.

Brussels, Belgium, on Jun. 28, 2018. Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Ornab arrives for a meeting with European Union leaders.

Consequently, VOA, an American state-owned publication, is said to be the voice of the CIA, not America. Their article on the visit suggests that Orbán is too friendly with Russia and China – insinuating he’s a puppet. They complained that Orban has also resisted and diluted European Union sanctions concerning the Russian Federation. That could be because the sanctions don’t work on anyone but the West. They only hurt the West, and yet Joe Biden said just two days ago that he planned to level more sanctions against Russia for the death of Alexei Navalny.

So, because a Russian man – who was trying to overturn his government and was very unpopular in Russia – was killed, Americans have to suffer more.


As for the senators who made the trip, they are globalist warmongers.

Shaheen said she found it “disappointing” that the members of the Hungarian government refused to meet the delegation.

Murphy said the refusal of the Orbán government to meet was “strange and concerning.”  He said that the onus was on the long-serving leader to push for a vote.

What he did not mention is that America is currently trying to destroy Victor Orbán’s presidency. His election comes up June 9, and the US and George Soros are flooding Hungarian airwaves with anti-Orbán propaganda.

Perhaps Victor Orbán doesn’t want to do the bidding of Washington. Unfortunately, the rest of Europe is doing so since they are tied to the weaponized US dollar. So tight are the ties that when Nord Stream was blown up, Germany’s Chancellor Schotz said nothing accusatory.

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