Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán: “NATO Is Sliding Towards War.”


On Friday, the AP reported that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told members of his Fidesz party at the closed-door event in Budapest that the continent is on the brink. He described the EU as an oppressive force that had made its member countries active participants in the war in Ukraine.

This is what the AP reported but they left a lot out:

“They see the war as their own war, and they fight it as if it’s their own war,” Orbán said of EU leaders. No EU country has engaged its soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

“The leadership in Brussels has to go,” Orbán said. “It does not deserve another chance. There must be change in Brussels.”

The long-serving Orbán goes into June’s EU elections facing significant challenges at home and abroad. He faces the recent resignations of senior Hungarian officials and a battered economy struggling under the weight of billions in funding the EU has withheld from Hungary allegedly over rule-of-law and corruption concerns.

In reality, it’s to get him in line with Ukraine and open borders.

This is more of what Orbán said:

“In Brussels, they are discussing sending soldiers to Ukraine. NATO is sliding towards war,” says Orban.

“If I call leaders in Brussels, they talk about this war as if it were their own war because they participate in it. Because they are the ones who send weapons first. This is a whole stream of weapons being sent.

“And then we find out that they are sending tanks, then they are talking about planes, and now they are saying that they will have to send troops, and NATO will be in the center of things.

“We are in a very bad situation. The idea of sending soldiers to Ukraine was raised. This was not an informed decision.

“NATO is outside the conflict, but NATO is organizing a mission to Ukraine not to send soldiers, but to begin coordinating training, arms supplies, to unite members.

“NATO is sliding towards war.”


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