Hunter got a bagel in hard-hitting news for Tuesday, oh, and he waved


In hard-hitting news for Tuesday, January 26th, Hunter Biden got a bagel. He also waved. Hunter even bought it himself. That’s just so great. It’s probably more information than you want. Minus the sarcastic comments, the info comes from the WSJ editorial board. They treated it with as much irony as I am.

Hunter Biden, who appears to have a serious pay-to-play operation with China, Russia, Ukraine, and more, got a bagel. This is what the media chooses to cover, not the FBI probe of his seemingly illegal activities.  They also covered Joe’s favorite ice cream flavor.

“A few days into the job, and President Joe Biden has already made his first restaurant visit,” noted Jessica Sidman in Washingtonian magazine. Mr. Biden actually remained in the car while his motorcade stopped for bagels at the Call Your Mother deli.

According to Ms. Sidman:

Call Your Mother is co-owned by Jeff Zients, who oversees the administration’s Covid-19 response… “What a GREAT Sunday surprise! Thrilled to have an admin again who will love all that DC has to offer — starting with sesame bagels!! Come back anytime @JoeBiden,” Call Your Mother tweeted.

Biden has now visited the same number of restaurants that Donald Trump did in his entire four years in office. The former President never dined anywhere in DC other than the steakhouse in his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel.

Some media reports claimed that a Secret Service agent was dispatched on the bagel run but photographs of the event suggest that the President’s 50-year-old son, Hunter Biden, is able to get breakfast all by himself.

That’s important to know by no one ever.

Andrea Shalal of Reuters reports:

Biden waved at a crowd of cheering supporters near the shop, while his son Hunter waited at the takeout window before returning with a bag of bagels and some beverages…

“To have the president out and about visiting local business is really encouraging,” [part-owner Andrew] Dana told Reuters. “We love the positive vibes.”

Whoa, I didn’t know he waved. Come on, man, that’s news.

Former President Donald Trump rarely frequented local businesses in Washington, often spending his Sundays at the golf club he owns in a Virginia suburb.

The author of the WSJ Editorial article wrote: It seems that the friendly neighborhood restaurant partly owned by a Biden associate is always ready to serve up delicious food and a handy political narrative. Are most small-business owners happy to see that the lockdown candidate has replaced the president who often opposed restaurant-crushing Covid restrictions?

Orange Man Bad didn’t visit local businesses owned by his friends. He just tried to save us from the totalitarians.

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