Hunter repeatedly uses ‘n’ word, joking, writes, “Joe: You my n***a, Barack”


Hunter Biden is as racist as his segregationist father. He used the “n word” in private text messages. Hillary had a history of using the ‘n’ word also. It must be a thing with this crowd.

The Daily Mail obtained the texts.

This revelation comes right after his segregationist father replaced Memorial Day and D-Day with the Tulsa Massacre.

The leaked text messages show the president’s son joking in a January 2019 text to corporate attorney George Mesires about a ‘big p*nis’. He also told the lawyer: ‘I only love you because you’re black’ and ‘true dat n***a’.

Hunter Biden used the n-word multiple times joking with his lawyer.

In a December 2018 conversation, Hunter asked Mesires: ‘How much money do I owe you. Because (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.’

In another chat a month later, Hunter cracked jokes about his penis and then told Mesires “I only love you because you’re black.”

“It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity,” Mesires replied.

Biden, who made it into the Senate because he teamed up with the Dixiecrats, portrays racial justice as a top priority for his administration.

Man-child Hunter also saved a meme with a photo of his father hugging Barack Obama with a caption describing a joke conversation. “Obama: Gonna miss you, man Joe: Can I say it? Just this once? Obama: sigh go ahead Joe: You my n***a, Barack.”

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Always Uncivil
Always Uncivil
2 years ago

On the street using it with the a ending can be ok and the comrades call themselves the N word all the time.
They will call their birth name a slave name or government name.
Back in the running with the D Boys days on the Eastside which is a turn around or get shot zone now they used to say y’all some N’s too and once hid a vet buddy during a riot over a police shooting.
Stereotyping of any race doesn’t work because not all people are the same in any group.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

Can’t wait for the Hunter in black face pics. Amazing how so many of the Democrat scandals are exposed by foreign journalists. Not really amazing is it. There are very few real journalists left in the USA.

2 years ago

Democrats have been racist since they organized as a Party almost 200 years ago.