Hunter’s “Brother” Worked in Weiss’s Office During Probe


DC Examiner reporter Sarah Bedford reported, “A very close personal friend and aide to the Biden family appears to have worked for years in the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office under David Weiss, including when the Hunter Biden probe began.”

She didn’t mention it, but Bill Barr arranged for Delaware to investigate the case, claiming Attorney Weiss was the best.

Alexander Mackler served as press secretary in Joe Biden’s Senate office. Later, he was legal counsel in his vice presidential office.

Mackler managed the late Beau Biden’s successful 2010 campaign for Delaware attorney general.

Additionally, Mackler served on the Biden-Harris transition team in 2020. He helped the Biden administration create the blueprint for its [weaponized] Justice Department.

Mackler was close with Hunter Biden. In emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Mackler corresponded frequently with Hunter Biden and his business associates. He literally called him “brother” in October 2018.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mackler worked under U.S. Attorney David Weiss in the office during those years. It lists him as having worked in the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office from August 2016 to May 2019, The Examiner reports.

So, the man who weaponized the Justice Department and called Hunter “brother” served under Weiss during the Hunter investigation. The corruption is so blatant that they don’t even care about appearances. It’s in your face.

Then Bill Barr Set This Stage

The Pittsburgh Office told David Weiss they had confirmed several facts on the FD-1023 but couldn’t investigate. Bill Barr had them send the case to Delaware for investigation.

Weiss knew from the beginning that the case was credible and needed investigation.

Earlier this month, whistleblower, Gary Shapley, testified that the Delaware US attorney Mr. Weiss told him and a roomful of others at a meeting that he was not allowed to pursue the Hunter Biden corruption case. After the testimony, Mr. Weiss denied that he was stopped from pursuing the case. The attorney general, Merrick Garland, also said no one stopped Mr. Weiss from pursuing the case.

The Federalist has a source who informed them that the Pittsburgh FBI office corroborated several details in the FD-1023 as part of the intake process. They couldn’t do more than intake since that’s how Bill Barr set it up. In other words, they didn’t subpoena people or follow up.

It was always odd how and why Bill Barr set this up in this way.

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