Delaware US Attorney Weiss Knew the Biden Case Was Credible


Earlier this month, whistleblower, Gary Shapley, testified that the Delaware US attorney Mr. Weiss told him and a roomful of others at a meeting that he was not allowed to pursue the Hunter Biden corruption case. After the testimony, Mr. Weiss denied that he was stopped from pursuing the case. The attorney general, Merrick Garland, also said no one stopped Mr. Weiss from pursuing the case.

The Federalist has a source who informed them that the Pittsburgh FBI office corroborated several details in the FD-1023 as part of the intake process. They couldn’t do more than intake since that’s how Bill Barr set it up. In other words, they didn’t subpoena people or follow up.

However, when they turned it over to Mr. Weiss, the Delaware US attorney, they informed him that they corroborated multiple facts in the FD-1023.

So Mr. Weiss knew how serious this was and he knew it was credible.

Dates and travel lined up perfectly:

The Pittsburgh FBI office obtained travel records for the CHS, and those records confirmed the CHS (informant) had traveled to the locales detailed in the FD-1023 during the relevant time period. The trips included a late 2015 or early 2016 visit to Kiev, Ukraine; a trip a couple of months later to Vienna, Austria; and travel to London in 2019. 

The CHS’s handler also corroborated the CHS’s claim that he had met with Oleksandr Ostapenko. According to the source, the CHS told his handler he had an upcoming meeting with Ostapenko. The CHS’s contemporaneous claim of the planned rendezvous with Ostapenko tracked the timing of one of the visits the CHS claimed in the FD-1023 to have had with Ostapenko.

The Pittsburgh office informed the Delaware attorney of all that they uncovered.

There was other corroborating information:

Open-source reporting of Burisma’s purchase of an interest in a North American oil and gas company likewise lined up with the discussions the CHS relayed to the FBI, as summarized in the FD-1023, the source familiar with the briefing told The Federalist.

Nothing was done:

That the Pittsburgh FBI office not only provided the Delaware office with a summary of the damning FD-1023 and its conclusion that it bore indicia of credibility but also identified several pieces of corroborating evidence is huge because, to date, it appears the Delaware office did nothing to investigate the allegations contained in the FD-1023.

These so-called law enforcement officials would prefer to let a criminal family in the White House to sell the country out to our enemies than do their jobs.

We only have a few good men coming forward, and they are all facing retaliation which is illegal.

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