“I bled for this city, I’d do it again tomorrow!” Officer beaten by ‘protester’ released from hospital


The suspect in the attack on the NY Chief of Police and three other officers is free without bail as we already noted in a previous article.

Chief of Police Terence Monahan, the police commissioner, and other officials spoke out against his release, according to CBS in New York. Laughably, one of them complaining was Bill de Blasio who loved the law prior to this incident.

“I think the world like this at times seems like it’s upside down,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said. “There needs to be consequences for people who just have no regard for the law.”

“To see someone assault him, the chief of the department is absolutely unacceptable. Assaulting any police officer is absolutely unacceptable. There have to be consequences and I say we need to have the court system to be up and running,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. Who woke him up?

Yes, so tell Cuomo to rescind the law.

They’re blaming the judge but she is just following the new no bail law.

One of the officers who was attacked — Lt. Mack — was just released from the hospital with two broken orbital bones. He gave a short speech after leaving. “I bled for this city and I’d do it again tomorrow,” he said. He also reminded the people gathered to support him about all the police who died to help others on 9/11 and after.

These are the type of people some want to defund? And who shall replace them? BLM, Antifa?

If all the police are so racist, why do they risk their lives to help and protect black people in their neighborhoods? I just want to know how the system is systemically racist when the police, half of whom are minorities, risk life and limb to save the innocent and the gang kids too.


This is the video of the attack:

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