The Ladies are back destroying BLM lettering in front of Trump Tower


The ladies are back, destroying the lettering ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of Trump Tower, lettering that Mayor Bill de Blasio calls a mural. She was arrested eventually but she’ll get right out of jail — we have a no-bail law here in New York.

Police can’t forcibly arrest anyone in New York City but they really don’t look like they are that anxious to arrest the lady. BLM is an anti-police movement calling for defunding of the police. The lady basically destroyed every letter.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that seeks the overthrow of our form of government. While there are people who march with them who have good intentions, they are being used by the Marxists.

The woman destroying the lettering is a preacher from At The Well Ministries. Her name is Bevelyn Beatty.

She called out, ‘Refund the Police,’ as she smeared the lettering with black paint.


In this next clip, the officers try harder to arrest her and one officer ends up slipping into the paint. De Blasio put 15 officers on the lettering but they can’t do much under the new city laws.

This has the prep and the aftermath:

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