Ibram Kendi’s CRT Center at Boston U Is a “Spectacular Failure”


Boston University launched an inquiry into Ibram Kendi’s anti-racist think tank for potential mismanagement of funds. Several former staff members alleged mismanagement of funds, high turnover, and chaos have been present since the beginning. The think tank laid off a third of the staff last week, and they accused Kendi of exploiting them.

Boston University PR Associate Vice President Rachel Lapal Cavallario said the “center is evolving into a fellowship model.” The University and Center are “committed to working with and supporting affected employees as they look for the next opportunities.”

Fox News reports that some Boston University and the Center for Antiracist Research staff members suggest it’s a lot more than a new “fellowship model.”

Ibram Kendi is a racist promoting anti-racism by pushing white racism.

Spencer Piston, faculty lead of the center’s policy office, told the Boston Globe that the problem was creating a center “that rested in the hands of one human being, an individual given millions of dollars and so much authority.”

Kendi has to be the one individual. His ideology, Critical Race Theory or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or whatever new name they want to give it, is anti-American and hateful.

The Left is attempting to blame Christopher Rufo for conservative angst over the Marxist program when it ideologically opposes everything conservatives believe in. That’s what the Left does – demonizes to discredit.

Mr. Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, called Kendi’s Center a “spectacular failure.”

The Center only produced two original research papers. Saida Grundy, a Boston University sociology professor affiliated with the Center, said, “commensurate to the amount of cash and donations taken in, the outputs were minuscule.” So a lot of people are wondering where all that money went.

Rufo compared it to the path Black Lives Matter followed. He said the leaders looted it. They headed for the hills, decamped to their mansions, and left the organization in shambles.

“This really is at the heart of this movement. It’s empty, it’s nihilistic, it has nothing of substance, it’s all about taking in cash, producing nothing, taking personal paychecks in many cases, and then running when everything falls apart. To me, this is a symbol of where we have come since 2020 and why that movement is really floundering today…,” Rufo says.

“Many of us saw this from the beginning. It was very clear that Ibram Kendi was a fraud in 2020. His signature idea is that he wanted to use the government to discriminate against people of one racial group to benefit people of another racial group, and he called this anti-racist discrimination. But for any neutral or dispassionate observer, it was simply racism in a new direction,” he continued.

As he said, Kendi is a “false prophet” of a “dangerous ideology.”

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