ICE Subpoenas New York for Information on Murderers here illegally


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Friday subpoenaed New York for information of multiple illegal immigrants who have been arrested in New York City but were shielded by the city’s controversial sanctuary city policies. They especially want information on the illegal immigrant who is accused of murdering a 92-year-old woman.

In a press release, the agency says that ICE can use subpoenas to obtain information on potentially deportable immigrants but does not normally need to do so. Usually, local law enforcement agencies will typically provide agents with necessary details regarding arrested aliens.

The move represents another escalation by the Trump administration in its ongoing fight against so-called sanctuary policies, Fox News reported.

The subpoenas are being served on the New York Department of Corrections.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also subpoenaed Denver law enforcement for information on four foreign nationals wanted for deportation and may consider expanding the unusual practice to other locations if necessary.

Denver said it’s likely not going to answer the requests. ICE said that if that happened, they might try to get a court order requiring Denver to answer them.

Politicians need to be arrested for this lawbreaking, starting with Bill de Blasio. The people telling ICE they can’t do their jobs are communists and socialists. They’re bullies, and someone needs to stop them.



  1. All First world countries have laws on Immigration and they must be always lawful and any person who breaches these rules by aiding and abetting illegals should automatically face prison time in a federal prison. America needs to move on this for people who disobey ICE the type of people forcing their local law enforcement officers to disregard federal law.

  2. Sanctuary cities need to be abolished as a health hazard as well as an endangerment to public safety. The idea that they actually exist is an obscenity, as well as being unlawful to harbor criminals who endanger the lives and property of law abiding citizens. There is no legal, moral. or sane justification for their existence. deBlasio and other like him are criminals for harboring them. They should all be indicted, tried and be imprisoned for a minimum of 10 years along with the trash they so admire.

    • Agree 100%. There has been a push on for years to destroy America…and your most successful enemies are within and hold public and/or elected positions. They espouse open borders…No Borders = No Country, attack the 1st and 2nd Amendments and support those who would circumvent the “spirit and intent” of the Electoral College and even want to abolish same…No College = No Constitutional Republic. The “touted” by politicians T.P.P. which would have been signed by ANY political president in 2016/17 would have been the “nail in the coffin” for American manufacturing. The political establishment is fighting tooth and nail, with the full support of their “minions” in the MSM to protect the lucrative foreign aid and other corrupt kickback schemes they apparently have been benefiting lavishly from at taxpayers expense…nobody becomes multi millionaires in a few years on congressional salaries…hence “impeachment”…after the failed inane interference and collusion attempts…

  3. Mayor Bloomberg: Accessory to this murder: an accessory is distinguished from an accomplice, who normally is present at the crime and participates in some way. An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being committed, will be committed, or has been committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way. The assistance to the criminal may be of any type, including emotional or financial assistance as well as physical assistance or concealment.

  4. When will the proper authorities charge de Blasio and the city directors with aiding and abetting criminal conduct? He is violating his oath of office in the process.

  5. It all spills out into New Jersey next door too. An invader arsonist just burned down half of Main Street last week in Bound Brook. Let in the third world, get third world behavior.

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