Idaho Bill RS30190 Would Criminalize Administering mRNA COVID Vaccines


A new bill (RS30190) was introduced in Idaho with an 11-2 vote. It would make it illegal to administer mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to any human or mammal in the state. Rep. Ilana Rubel introduced the bill and explained the reasons for the bill. She makes an interesting case, but the bill would criminalize it.

Her reasons include seeing more and more side effects. The vaccines were fast-tracked, there is no liability, no access to data, the risk-benefit analysis has not been done, no informed consent, and the single most qualified doctor who invented the mRNA has said that it is not safe and effective (Dr. Robert Malone). There are other options available if people want the vaccine.

She noted in the Q&A that she was specifically talking about Pfizer and Moderna.

RS30190 was introduced, and now it’s up for debate.

Let us know what you think. Do we need more research on this delivery system? Does RS30190 make sense, or is it too much?

Watch the brief proceeding. They’re so polite:

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1 year ago

About Time!