IDF Moves Forces North to Lebanon’s Border


Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said the “intense phase” of fighting Hamas in Rafah, Gaza, is nearly over. He is now moving forces to the northern border with Lebanon to confront its ally, Hezbollah.

Hezbollah’s Chief Hassan Nasrallah recently threatened to expand his war against Israel in a speech on Wednesday. He claims he has 100,000 terrorists on the ready and suggested war with Cyprus could be imminent.

Netanyahu stressed that “doesn’t mean the war is about to end,” with action continuing until Hamas was completely driven from power.

Addressing the escalating hostilities with Hezbollah, he said: We can fight on several fronts, and we are prepared to do that.”

Hezbollah has been launching missiles, rockets, and drones into northern Israel in support of Hamas since the day after the 7 October attacks in southern Israel, when gunmen from Gaza killed about 1,200 people and took 251 others hostage.

Israeli forces would “continue mowing the grass all the time,” he added. “We will not give up.”

Mr. Netanyahu also said he was ready for a “partial deal” that would secure the release of the remaining 116 hostages still in captivity – 41 of whom are presumed dead – but that he was committed to completing “the goal of destroying Hamas.”

Hamas is demanding a permanent ceasefire and full Israeli withdrawal as part of any deal. He said the comment showed the prime minister’s “clear rejection” of the proposal US President Joe Biden outlined last month and backed by the UN Security Council.

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