If Dem managers lost this swing vote, they’re in trouble


Democrats might be losing swing voted (RINOs) when it comes to their demands for witnesses so they can redo the House Impeachment.

One of the major swing votes, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, might not be buying what they’re selling.

After House Democrats decided not to issue subpoenas to Bolton and other Trump administration officials protected from testifying by executive privilege, saying it was urgent, Democratic impeachment managers are now demanding the Republican-majority Senate do so.

This could drag on for months.

In comments reported by The Hill on Friday, Murkowski pushed back on Democrats’ demand that Bolton testify, arguing, in effect, that the Democrats have the process backward.

“It’s kind of like the House made a decision that they didn’t want to slow things down by having to go through the courts,” said the senator. “And yet now they’re basically saying you guys need to go through the courts. We didn’t but we need you to. That’s kind of where we are.”

The Hill quotes a few other Republicans who said much the same thing including Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R), who told the outlet, “Do we want to elongate this thing even further? I don’t believe we should.”

The big fish is Murkowski. Democrats need her to bolt.

Murkowski is one of the Senate Republicans who has expressed anger over the nasty and dishonest comments by the Democratic impeachment managers, particularly House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who has accused them of a “cover-up” and “treachery.” Susan Collins, another swing Vote, has also expressed her displeasure.





  1. This long tedious and facial charade has gone on long enough . Who has time to sit and watch the dumpster-rats melodrama or much less cares about the SSDD production of “As the Stew Congeals?” Watch for the next episode when ocular malfunctioning Schiff and drop jaw Nadler grow mold in there ears. I wonder what the viewership is at this point, on the channels that interrupt regularly scheduled programming. Only the repetitious low brow commercials might tie in the monotony poll. ….A government channel needs to be developed for insomniacs For many of us this Liberal BS is just a steaming pile of manure sitting on a platform or attached to a wall.

  2. even as she takes back her vote on witnesses, DO NOT VOTE for her…now we know where she stands, she would dump Trump at a moment’s notice

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