Left’s absurd story of benevolent Ayatollah falls flat after Pentagon’s report of 34 injured


Democrats tried to convince us the benevolent Iranians didn’t mean to hurt our military when they bombed the hay out of us recently after we killed their leading terrorist, responsible for the deaths of over 600 Americans.

It was an absurd media story. The Iranians meant to kill Americans.

As it turns out, thirty-four US service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following the Iranian missile attack on US forces in Iraq earlier this month, Pentagon spokesman Jonathon Hoffman said Friday.

The President didn’t want to escalate, and no soldiers died so he ket it go. Most or all of the wounded will be fine and will return to service:

CNN had the photos of the base and hid them to convince their readers the Iranians were just conducting a show drill. They weren’t. They aimed to kill but warned Iraqis and the message got to the base shortly before the brutal assault.

The media also used as proof the fact that the bases struck were not official U.S. bases. All the media does is lie.

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