If “Trump Is Not Well,” WTH Is Joe Biden?


#TrumpIsNotWell is trending on social media. Nice try. The Left is as crazy as a Rottweiler with explosives strapped to his back.

The Atlantic seemed to start it off with an article titled, ‘Trump is not well,’ as they rant on about his “disordered personality.”

For those of us who know Mr. Trump’s faults, we want it all back – a good economy, less crime, closed borders, reduced threat levels. Bring it on, you clowns!

The Atlantic article by Peter Wehner began: At the top of my list: Talk to psychologists and psychiatrists about the state of Trump’s mental health, since I considered that to be the most important thing when it came to understanding him. It was Trump’s Rosetta stone.”

So, if he’s not well after four prosperous years until China saw fit to send their COVID infected citizens around the world (while not letting them travel within the country), then What the Hell is this:

Democrats are such crazy clowns, they’re running this Clown again!

Democrats are crazed lunatics who can’t define a woman. They let biological men compete against women in sports, and go into their bathrooms when they’re not starting wars and opening our borders. They’re also screwing up our economy.

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2 months ago

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