If You’re a Communist, This Is Biden’s Most Inspiring Speech


“Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion are literally, and that’s not kidding, the core strengths of America. That’s why I’m proud to have the most diverse administration in history…. It taps into the full talents of our country. It starts at the top with the Vice President.”

Where do you start with this? It starts at the top with the Vice President???

Additionally, DEI is Marxist and the opposite of America’s core values. He doesn’t even know that it fosters equity, not equality.

He’s a despicable commie.

Biden says he’s going to appoint “really, really progressive judges” to the Supreme Court. We won’t have a country after that.

“If, in fact, we’re able to change some of the Justices when they retire and put in real, really progressive Judges, like we always had. Tell me that won’t change…”

The hardcore leftist wants Democrats to rule alone and in perpetuity.

It’s the most inspiring speech yet since he told the young men and women at Morehouse College they’d have to work ten times harder because we all hate them.

Trump posted this on Truth Social.

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