So Cringe! Andy Weissman Has a “Man Crush” on Judge Merchan


Andrew Weissman of Russiagate hoax fame has a “man crush” on the corrupt New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan.

“With respect to Judge Merchan, I have like a man crush on him. He is such a great judge. If you looked in a dictionary for judicial temperament, that’s what you would get.”

He claims it “was just such a fair trial.” Well at least we know Andy is totally unbiased.

This is pathetically cringe. This TDS-afflicted lawyer has no idea how ridiculous he sounds.

Nothing in the law matters in this trial. It doesn’t matter if Stormy lied about the affair nor does it matter that Cohen lied constantly since he verified their alleged facts. Mostly, it doesn’t matter if the jury doesn’t agree on a predicate. They can pick a crime and convict from there.

Weissman was kind of happy when Hope Hicks cried.

This is in January when Chubby here talked about Biden launching a military strike on Mar-a-Lago. These people are sick.

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