The Jury Sent Questions to Corrupt Judge Merchan Twice


I didn’t think I could hate Manhattan and the justice system any more than I do, but the Trump trial has made that possible. It’s a stacked deck in favor of political operatives on behalf of the blooming idiot in the Oval Office.

Judge Juan Merchan presented the most unfair jury instructions on Wednesday morning before they headed into deliberations into former President Trump’s New York criminal trial.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all counts. It’s one misdemeanor 34 times.

Trump described the jury instructions as “the most biased and unfair in judicial history.” He labeled the entire proceeding a “kangaroo court.”

Jurors are deliberating over the 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

The Jury Sent In Two Notes To the Judge

The jury sent two notes to the judge, including a request to rehear his instructions on how to consider the evidence.

They also asked to rehear testimony from former American Media, Inc. CEO David Pecker and Michael Cohen. Merchan said the court was still looking to locate the requested testimony. He estimated it would take approximately 30 minutes to read back.

It’s unclear if the jury wants to hear the entirety of Merchan’s instructions again; the judge said they can decide Thursday morning.

The jury sent a second note to Judge Juan Merchan, asking to rehear his instructions.

The judge suggested bringing the jury back, telling them they were looking for the requested testimony, and asking if they needed all the instructions re-read.

Professor Jonathan Turley thinks there is early disagreement among jurors.
The request for instructions is particularly interesting. “I cannot imagine a need for the instruction unless there was an early disagreement in that room on the evidence and the standards. That could indicate at least one juror who is not convinced by either Steinglass or Blanche. Saying that this is a no brainer.”

Even CNN is shocked by all these instructions being read to the jury. They didn’t even get a copy. The lawyers weren’t allowed to discuss the instructions in their closing.

“Mother Theresa could not beat these charges,” Donald Trump said.

Shannon is a disappointment:

The corrupt judge split the jurors up which will make a conviction easier. As I said, Merchan is corrupt as Hell and is on a mission. he doesn’t care what anyone thinks or what the law is. Is there money at the end of this, funneled through his daughter?

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