IL Gov. Took Rental Assistance from Citizens, Gave It to Illegals


The Center Square reports that [socialist] democrat governor JB Pritzker of Illinois said last week that he has diverted state funds from taxpayers’ programs to illegal aliens.

“We have taken some of the programs that have pre-existed the crisis and adjusted them to help the migrant crisis,” Pritzker said. “Let me give you one example – our rental assistance program. We have provided some of the rental assistance money which wasn’t originally intended to be about asylum speakers, for this challenge.”

Is this legal? You can just take money meant for citizens and give it to people coming here illegally, breaking our laws?

The people of Illinois are being abused. Pritzker just decided unilaterally, like a dictator, to take funds from needy citizens and give them to anonymous, unvetted people who don’t belong there.

Pritzker got into office using his family’s great wealth. The people of Illinois didn’t really know what they were getting into it. The corrupt media backed him.

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