Ilhan Omar Doesn’t Want Anyone Weaponizing Anti-Semitism


Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar complains in this clip that her critics are weaponizing anti-Semitism and it shuts down debate and vilifies the debaters.

She is such a piece of work.

So, what should we do Ilhan, let you debate the pluses and minuses of anti-Semitism from your insane perspective, ignore your anti-Semitic tropes, and attack those who dare question it?

Omar is the one trying to shut down her opponents. If you accuse an anti-Semitic Muslim congresswoman of anti-Semitism, you’re an Islamaphobe. Get it?

  • It was an online pundit that said the democrat party allowed open borders in their party and now some real screeching moonbats have been given a platform to spew corrosive crap to the stupid college punk true believers.
    You may know that your society is doomed when openly hostile enemies to the republic are elected to governmental positions.
    Bolsheviks think that they have it all wrapped up because they have conquered the best government that money can buy. We’ll see about that.