Ilhan Omar supports dragging Israeli officials before UN court for ‘war crimes’


Israel-hating Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar wants to see Israeli officials dragged before the UN’s criminal court as war criminals. The rabid BDS supporter has made numerous comments belittling Jews in general. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats love her and continue to promote her in key committees. She is also privy to foreign intel.


Appearing on Qatar ‘sAl-Araby TV, the host asked Omar if the Biden admin should support the referral of Israeli officials accused of committing war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The charges would be the usual fraudulent accusations. The ICC is a UN body, and the UN hates both Israel and the United States.

She not only supports a referral, but she is also shocked that anyone would question the legitimacy of the court.

“I do. It is also really important for us to remember that the international courts play an important role in rendering justice for people who are not getting justice within their borders. The U.S. should not delegitimize the ICC and the things it must do. And it is shocking that the legitimacy of the ICC is something that is being questioned. Their ability to investigate, probe, and render justice is being undermined here in the U.S.”

The host pressed further. “Will you demand that the Biden administration and the State Department support the referral of Israel to the ICC?”

Omar said, “I have. This is an important call and we all must guarantee that the ICC remains an independent body. It is an international court that has the authority and the ability to investigate and render justice for people who are denied justice within their borders. No sovereign state should stop the ICC from doing what they should do.”

The UN hates Israel and it would be a kangaroo court.

Additionally, she was asked about Biden taking the Houthis in Yemen off the designated terror list. Just so you know, Houthis are Iran-affiliates and they are terrorists. Of course, she supports that as well.

Unsurprisingly, after the Houthis were taken off the list, they bombed a Saudi airport.

She told the host: The last administration took a lot of actions, including the designation of certain groups as terrorists. We welcome this willingness from this administration to reverse course, cancel, these decisions, and restore some order and normalcy in regards to who belongs on that list.” She proceeded to discuss China’s genocide.


A UK human rights lawyer Karim Khan was elected International Criminal Court Prosecutor in June and will serve for nine years. He says we need “more ICC, not less.”

In early February, the international court approved the prosecutor’s request to open legal proceedings against Israel and Hamas (Iran-backed terror group) on suspicion of committing war crimes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The United States and Russia, like Israel, are not members of the ICC. Germany is and stood up for Israel and said the court does not have jurisdiction. However, ICC judges decided they do have authority. The US and Israel strongly oppose the probe, but Biden indicated he will be less confrontational.


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