Illegal Alien Killer Captured in PA Is Also Wanted for Murder in Brazil


The Brazilian National who murdered his girlfriend and escaped from a Philadelphia jail has been captured. The convicted murderer is also wanted for a vicious murder in Brazil in 2017, yet he’s here. His sister was just picked up for coming here illegally. Oh, and he was a street gang member.

Cavalcante has a long criminal history of violence and abuse. Authorities said he is “extremely dangerous,” yet he’s here in the United States, thoroughly vetted of course.

Donelo Cavalcante on the run

He escaped from a Pennsylvania jail after being on the run for two weeks in the West Philadelphia suburbs. Danelo Cavalcante, 34, broke out of Chester County prison as he was waiting to be taken to the state correctional institution to begin serving a life sentence.

There were many sightings, but no one could capture him. This week, he broke into someone’s garage and stole the man’s rifle as he fired shots at him. He had stolen a van and drove 25 miles out of the area. He tried to get help from several people, but no one would help him, including his sister.

Gang Member and Wanted for Murder

He was found guilty in April 2021 of stabbing his former girlfriend brutally in front of her young children. The Brazilian national is a suspect in a 2017 murder in Brazil, according to the US Marshall Service.

The murderer is also a street gang member. According to police in Brazil, Cavalcante shot a man dead in a town in Brazil.

Authorities believe that the murder stemmed from a dispute over an alleged debt related to vehicle repair. After shooting the victim six times, he stole his cell phone and then fled the scene in a car. Then, he fled to Puerto Rico and was allowed into the United States illegally.

There is a warrant for his arrest in Brazil.

The murdered girlfriend’s sister said he was extremely jealous, drank, and kept going through her phone. Her sister filed an order of protection because he bit her and chased her out of her house with a knife. On April 8/2021, Cavalcante stabbed her 38 times in front of her four-year-old and seven-year-old.

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