Senate Probably Won’t Impeach Joe Biden


Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) and a growing number of GOP senators have reservations about whether an impeachment inquiry into President Biden would move forward in the Senate.

Tommy Tuberville

Tuberville said the Senate would have to “wait and see what happens,” noting that the upper chamber “couldn’t get the votes” to convict Biden in an impeachment trial.

“You don’t bring a vote to the floor unless you are pretty sure that you can get the amount of votes that you need,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press NOW” on Tuesday. “I know that wouldn’t make it to anywhere over here in the Senate. That probably wouldn’t even — wouldn’t even let it make it to the floor. But again, this is all up to the House. We got enough problems going on right now.”

“I’m not for impeachment unless it is ironclad,” he said. “As I said about President Trump, if you’re gonna come after a former president or president, let’s not waste time. Let’s know the truth. Let’s be able to bring it out. Let the American people know.”

“We got enough problems up here right now without going through an impeachment process, but they’ll do the right thing,” he said, speaking of the House. “Hopefully, we just find out what’s going on, and American people get the truth.”

Impeachment should be rare; if this impeachment moves forward, 40% of the impeachments in US history will have been over Ukraine.


Finding out what Biden did might be enough.

The one thing I will point out about the impeachment inquiry and why it’s good is that it gives them subpoena power. That’s a big deal.

Why don’t the House and Senate look at impeaching him and Mayorkas for opening our borders illegally? The issues they want to impeach Mr. Biden for were in his role as Vice President, but what about his actions now? Aside from breaking immigration law, he has imposed “rule” after “rule” that qualifies as law. He oversteps, and the gerontology in Congress does nothing. Biden circumvents the Supreme Court, and we hear crickets.

Yesterday, a reporter mentioned Speaker McCarthy moving ahead with the Biden impeachment to John Fetterman. Mr. Fetterman is a Democrat US Senator, and you can watch his reaction on the clip.

He was dressed down as usual. He attends the Senate sessions dressed like the janitor.

His aide is trying to usher him away:

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