Watch [hundreds of thousands of] ‘gotaways’ sneak into the country


This is what is sneaking into the country.

The number of ‘gotaways’ is growing, not that anyone really knows how many there actually are. The Border Patrol does know at least 270,000 got away. This poses an extremely serious national security threat. These are people who don’t want you to know they are here.

At least 270,000 migrants have sneaked into the U.S. and burrowed into communities across the country so far this fiscal year, according to the latest Border Patrol data, The Washington Times reports.

The gotaways sneak through the country’s defenses without any look into their criminal histories, reports The Times.

The Border Patrol is missing about 1,100 of them a day, said Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona, who got his numbers directly from the agency, the paper says.

Does anyone remember 9/11???

Biden probably doesn’t but the people who pull his strings undoubtedly do. These people don’t care at all about Americans. If you die, it’s collateral damage. While some of these people leading the government appear to be illogical loons, they are not stupid. This is all deliberate and we are in great danger.

Democrats are replacing us. As dumb as AOC is, she knows this is about replacing the population and putting her crazy ideology in place.

They know!

We need to stop pretending they don’t know or thinking they are stupid.

“These are people that are coming dressed head to toe in camouflage, being smuggled by the cartels,” Sheriff Dannels said. “That is a public safety and national security risk to this country.”

If you think there aren’t terrorists among them, you are incredibly naive.


Watch this 2018 clip, because this is what is coming in. They are bringing the poison with them:

Middle Easterners Since 2014:

This Is From 2012. Remember how Democrats got you to feel guilty because it’s allegedly our fault since we take the drugs? We were allegedly ruining these countries to the South? It doesn’t matter that we are complicit. All that matters is we must stop the flow. Democrats won’t even let us stop criminals and their sanctuaries protect them. Democrats are evil communists — WAKE THE HELL UP!

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