People Here Illegally Are Getting Photo IDs


After releasing millions of anonymous, unvetted illegal aliens into the interior, especially into red states, Biden’s administration will give them photo ID cards. They will probably vote illegally.

Buried in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) annual report, officials confirmed that they are planning to begin issuing photo ID cards to border crossers and illegal aliens sometime this fiscal year.

The ICE report details:

The SDC will be integrated with the Unified Immigration Portal that ICE and [Customs and Border Protection] officers and agents use in the field and the ICE Portal to allow noncitizens access to commonly used documents and services. ICE expects the project to ease ICE personnel workload when encountering noncitizens with the card and decrease the burden on noncitizens when interacting with ICE, including the facilitation of remote reporting for certain low-risk populations. ICE anticipates a limited release in two [Enforcement and Removal Operations] field offices in FY 2024. [Emphasis added]

In September, John Fabbricatore, a former ICE official and advisory board member at the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE), told Breitbart News that the ultimate goal of the Biden administration is to limit illegal aliens’ face-to-face contact with DHS as much as possible.

“It’s a normalization of illegal immigration,” Fabbricatore said.

The Biden-Obama administration is making the US into a non-nation, and just another cog in the North American Union. We won’t have an identity, and there will be no benefits to citizenship. Our culture is being wiped out as we speak, and they will destroy the next election.

This was planned by the Obama administration years ago. Listen to radio personality Susan Payne explain it to Mark Levin. She was accidentally included in a phone conversation with his top-level staff.

Tucker was on it:

They’re replacing us:

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