Illegal aliens have COV 3-10 times the rate of the U.S. population


Illegal alien families, criminals, perhaps terrorists from around the world are coming across the border testing positive for the coronavirus at between three and 10 times the rate of the U.S. population. That is according to a Washington Times survey of jurisdictions that are doing the testing.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told The Times that the families it is processing are between 5% and 10% positive.

In Brownsville, Texas, the city says it is seeing a 12% positive rate.

And in Harlingen, near Brownsville, the homeless shelter where families are being dropped off reported a group at 25% positive for COVID-19. That’s more than seven times the current positivity test rate for the U.S. public.

This is the Biden Border Crisis created by Biden and his handlers. Jen Psaki continues to lie about it and the media ignores it.

Pastor Bill Reagan, who runs Loaves and Fishes, the Harlingen shelter, said they’re doing the best they can with the situation.

Some families are quarantined but we don’t have facilities for them so most just get on buses and travel to who knows where.

They are not catching everyone either. There are more COV positive that we don’t know about.

Psaki’s is trying to blame Abbott because he isn’t going along with her open border plan.

A reporter pressed Psaki on why the federal government would block a traveler from entering at an airport without a COVID-19 test or quarantine procedures, but does not apply that same rule to migrants who break the law to jump the border.

“Well, again, I can just describe to you what our policies are,” the spokeswoman replied.

She keeps changing the story out of the White House.

Originally Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the process was for ICE to test everyone.

Psaki last week said their policy was actually for “COVID-19 testing to be done at the state and local level and with the help of NGOs and local governments.”

But thousands of migrants have still been released without any testing, said Sheriff A.J. Louderback in Jackson County, Texas. He said Ms. Psaki was misleading the public.

“The lying is starting to bother me,” he said. “This whole piece of criminal and irresponsible government needs to be stopped, one way or the other. Either with public pressure or legal means.”

Democrats do not care about our borders, jobs for citizens, or safety. They only care about replacing all of us with needy, malleable foreigners. All that matters is the ideology and their totalitarian grasp on Americans.

Democrats hate you and they hate the USA.

Now the White House is sending agents from all over the country to the border and now the White House is dragging FEMA down to the border in a few weeks. FEMA, ICE, Border Patrol have no authority to deport or detain so what’s the point?


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2 years ago

Pushing the invasion of America to replace current population.

Where Eagles Dare
Where Eagles Dare
2 years ago

This will bust up the herd immunity and will go a long way towards the vaccination über alles collective unity (conformity) plan.
Maybe middle class (worked in gov for 50 years) Scranton Joe will let us wave some hecho en China CCP flags on the fourth of July if we are good lil’ comrades.
They hate me? Good, that means I’m doing it properly.
Fear God not clueless feckless mental midgets with feeble intellects that will get played by the CCP like a cheap flea market mandolin.