Top Pentagon strategist says China poses an ‘existential threat’


At a time when we have a complete fool in the presidency and a communist vice president, the Pentagon’s top strategist believes communist China poses an existential threat to the U.S., The Washington Times reports.

The CCP has abandoned its old strategic policy of “hide and bide” — that is, to mask a burgeoning national military while waiting for the right time to unleash an aggressive foreign policy, he said. That brings us to a new stage in the CCP desire to dominate the world.

James H. Baker, who directs the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), sounded the alarm during a private talk in July 2017 before a Japanese-U.S. audience.

Mr. Baker said, “the U.S. is presently not well poised to capitalize on this trend, nor is it clear that U.S. elites across the political spectrum understand the danger that China poses as a competitor.”

“Comparative military advantage remains with the United States (and its allies), but is being systematically undermined by increased Chinese investment, focus, training and basing,” Mr. Baker wrote.

Since China depends on globalization for prosperity, Baker believes it “will inhibit more radical tendencies.”

The flaw in his thinking is that if they take over the world as they plan, they will have it all.

The Trump administration has been warning about the CCP for years. Some even believe coronavirus was a bioweapon. It could be.  The CCP steals our secrets, spies on us, and has done so for the past four years. An entire political party served their interests, promoting their propaganda to hurt the former president. Joe Biden’s family business is deeply entwined with the CCP.

Knowing what we know makes Mr. Baker’s conclusion hard to believe.

Mr. Baker concludes that China, Russia, and Iran do not have the means to change their neighbors’ borders and “lack the ability to substantially revise the present international order through violent or coercive means.”

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