Illegals pour across the border in front of Maria Bartiromo & CBP


Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo is becoming must watch TV. This Sunday, she was on the border watching people pour across illegally while interviewing border patrol. She also interviewed Rep. Hurd and the President.

President Trump told Ms. Bartiromo that Democrats have turned the border into “Disneyland” and you would need Perry Mason to win some of these court cases.

The Hondurans are told in their home country that they will be allowed to stay, according to what they told Bartiromo.

There have been more apprehensions this year to date than all of last year. The cartels are renting children, and MS-13 is among those renting children to come across the border and get released into the interior.

Border Patrol is having to care for sick people, children, infants, and they can’t supervise the border. Most of the people coming across are not eligible for asylum, but many pretend they are asylum seekers.

The people coming in are infected with all manner of diseases.

Watch them cross illegally while the Border Patrol is standing there with the TV cameras. It’s all so brazen as all of Central America pours into the country.

One shocking comment made by Rep. Hurd is that we shouldn’t be treating all these people as asylum seekers. We don’t have to and we could deport them immediately. So, why don’t we?

Why is DHS telling border agents to treat them all as asylum seekers?



  1. Might as well have a ed carpet with cameras rating the best dressed, this is a sick suicidal joke being laid upon America, don’t forget bankrolled by the Catholic Church under the Commie Pope.

  2. Yea the pope just donated $500,000 for the comrades and their safe passage. The glorious improvementation is just around the corner. Soon we’ll be a cross between Mexico and Zimbabwe! Forward!

      When will CONGRESS do its job and pass laws that SUPPORT this president’s immigration policies?
      When will voters get INVOLVED in primary elections and THROW OUT these career globalist republicrats?

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