Illinois’ Democrat Gov Goes All Out for the Jailed Voter


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed off on legislation to enable ‘eligible’ [Democrat] jail inmates to vote. They’re putting voting booths right in the Cook County Jail, Crain’s Chicago Business reported.

It will affect approximately 20,000 pretrial detainees statewide.

“We’re making sure that 20,000 people detained pretrial each year don’t miss out on the opportunity to have their voices heard,” Pritzker declared, according to The Center Square. “We’re going to be putting a polling place in the Cook County Jail for detainees who are eligible to vote and a vote-by-mail program in every county across the state of Illinois. That’s 102 counties.”

The measure applies to inmates who have not yet been convicted of the offenses against them, HuffPost reported.

They have the right to vote before they are convicted, and no one is stopping them from filling out an absentee ballot. That makes this entire effort unnecessary.

Hopefully, this won’t become corrupted. It’s part of the fight for inmate rights.

“Every citizen who is eligible to vote must be provided with the opportunity to cast their ballot,” Aquino declared, according to Herald Publications. “Thousands of eligible voters who are detained before trial are systematically denied that right. Coupled with a justice system that disproportionately jails people of color, there is a clear effort to suppress the vote in communities of color across the country. This measure addresses systematic voter suppression and shows that we value civic participation in Illinois.”

It’s suppression of the black vote because more blacks are committing crimes and imprisoned??? By what logic?

By creating a polling place at the Cook County jail facility, eligible inmates will be able to register as same-day voters and will be permitted to cast their ballots in-person instead of going through an absentee voting process.

If they really want to vote, the absentee process, which the military and the handicapped employ, is perfectly fine.

Approximately 650 inmates voted in Chicago’s municipal elections in 2019.

They are going to teach them how to vote. The governor praised the legislation and said it would help to empower minorities.

Then the governor told bald-faced lies, such as…

“Especially as the Voting Rights Act remains gutted, especially as jurisdictions across the nation purge voter rolls and restrict registrations in college towns and communities of color, here in Illinois, we’ll do our best to live up to the ideals of our democracy,” the governor added.

The Voting Rights Act is no longer needed as if it is 1960. More black Americans vote proportionately than whites. The purge is only of ineligible or longtime inactive voters. College registrations are a problem.

The Illinois social justice warriors will also automatically register inmates to vote [most assuredly as Democrats] as soon as the jailhouse doors slam behind them.

The group said it also wants to restore voting rights to convicted felons who are serving their prison sentences, Crain’s Chicago Business reported.

Who could have guessed that? Isn’t that just dandy. The Democrat Party is the party of felons.

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4 years ago

New twist for these miscreant demoncrapic politicians…addition to their cemetery campaigning???

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They are going for every breathing human being without any restrictions who they think will vote straight line Democrat, but as usual tying it to so-called people of color.