TN Teachers trained in white privilege, told only whites can be racist


The Hamilton County school board was outraged that “white privilege” lessons were taught during teacher in-service training, according to BlueLivesMatter. Hamilton County teachers are reportedly having to go through ‘white privilege’ training, just as teachers in Williamson County had to do earlier this year.

Public school teachers from the Hamilton County’s 12 lowest-performing schools were given training on white privilege and told that only white people can be racist. The guest speaker was Robert Jackson, a former NFL player and teacher from the Urban Institute [a far-left organization].

“This is what Hamilton County employees and teachers have to sit through. This is called professional development. The liberal left is running the systems that educate children,” Patrick Hampton, a member of a local conservative group called Hamilton Flourishing, posted to Facebook with pictures of the slide presentation, The Chattanoogan reported.

Former professional football player Robert Jackson gave a presentation to the teachers at Bayside Baptist Church on Aug. 2 that was billed by the school district as a seminar on “how adverse childhood experiences can impact behavior in the classroom and methods to have effective classroom management,” the Tennessee Star reported.

Who cares? Grow up and take responsibility.

The Tennessee Star reported that Jackson’s presentation included slides titled “white privilege” and “racism” and these are some of the points he made to the county’s teachers:

“People of color cannot be racist because they lack the institutional power to adversely affect white lives.”

“Even if minorities sometimes complain about whites, such complaints serve as coping mechanisms to withstand racism rather than actual anti-white bias.”

“Even when minorities express or practice prejudice against whites they are not racists.”

“White privilege is both a legacy and a cause of racism.”

“White privilege exists because of historic, enduring racism and biases.”


“People of color cannot be racist, because they lack the institutional power to adversely affect white lives.”

That is one of the most dangerous and idiotic ideas yet. Yes, they can be and yes, they do. They have plenty of power through their community groups, and that isn’t the definition of racism. Blacks have been in the White House, in Congress, in official positions in schools, police departments, everywhere.

The definition of racism has been so watered down, it’s becoming meaningless.

White guilt needs to stop too. Unless you are running around hurting black people or maligning them because of their color, why are you feeling guilty? It’s not the fault of whites that a segment of black society is highly active in committing crimes. It’s not institutional racism. Mostly, they are in gangs.

Reporter Hoagland published some of the slides:

Parents and School Board Members Were Rightfully Furious

Parents and school board members were furious when the content of the school district’s third Urban Education Institute became public, WRCB reported.

“It really hurts my heart that we have gone down this road,” school board member Rhonda Thurman said. “The teachers deserve better than this.”

Thurman said the whole mess made her feel emotional.

“I’m very angry that we are pitting races against each other,” she told WRCB. “We are supposed to judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin, and that is exactly what is happening here.”

Hamilton County Schools Spokesman Tim Hensley said that the slides from the presentation were taken out of context, WRCB reported.

“Hamilton County Schools regrets that there have been misinterpretations of a presentation today to Opportunity Zone Learning Community teachers,” the school district said in a statement posted to its official Facebook page.

What a liar. You don’t take this garbage in or out of context. It says what it says.

It’s About Control

Just imagine how many people are buying into these lies by the hard-left? Too many.

The entire ‘white privilege’ concept is a lie that originated and was promulgated by far-far-left white liberals who have kept black Americans down.

Government is not going to make people achieve. It’s not Santa Claus. It’s the biggest thief in the country. Hard work, perseverance, believing in something — like family, God, country, taking responsibility — will bring rewards.

The hard-left is tearing us apart, dividing us along racial lines and it will destroy this nation. It’s not 1960.

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