Illinois’s Safe”T” Act Will Get Innocents Killed But Criminals Will Do Fine


The Safe”T” Act will take effect in Illinois in January 2023. It will lead to suffering and death in the state as violent criminals are released without bail. You must watch the video below as the State’s attorney explains what the bill will do to the state. Even murderers could go free under the no cash-bail law.

It’s as crazy as the Pritzker family who bought the governorship for the beloved son of the dynasty.

If you “unknowingly” strangle someone, you could go free under this law.

Are the lawmakers on drugs?

Watch the video:

The Sheriffs also sound the alarm.

Battery is one of the crimes eligible for no-cash bail. One of the Sentinel readers looked up the definition to provide an example of what will transpire when criminals are let loose in the sanctuary state of Illinois.


In Illinois, you commit a battery if you knowingly, without legal justification, physically hurt another person or cause contact of an offensive nature, such as by grabbing them. But that battery can be upgraded to an aggravated offense depending on the type of injury, victim, or place of the offense. See 720 ILCS 5/12-3.05.) Types of injury can include if you knowingly strangled someone or caused great bodily harm, disfigurement, or severe and permanent disability. That includes injury from a bomb, flammable gas, poison, or throwing a caustic substance such as lye at someone.

Can you unknowingly strangle someone?

Please don’t let people suffer or die unnecessarily. Speak up!


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I See How This Works
I See How This Works
1 year ago

Well I guess two can play this game. After reading the examples in the infographic I choose “Criminal Trespass” as my category. The homeowner shoots the intruder in the back yard and takes a $25 citation. Sounds pricey but not completely unaffordable.