Imagine if Joe Biden actually wanted unity


Kimberly Strassel commented on Twitter “How helpful it would be if @JoeBiden were to show some grace, call on Democrats to stand down, practice the healing he keeps preaching. Why won’t he?”

Ms. Strassel was “struck” by the responses seeking “no peace, no healing.”

“I am struck by the responses to this from those on the left, insisting that Trump must be held “accountable”–no peace, no healing. Impeachment ho! That seems to forget the past three years, how we got here.”

Never mind about the Russia hoax and the fake impeachment. Democrats have no problem with that.

“There are still tens of millions of conservatives still waiting for someone to be held “accountable” for three years of a Russia-collusion hoax–the Democrats’ own effort to overturn the 2016 election. And yes, that is still on many, many Americans’ minds.”

Biden campaigned on “unity,” but did anyone actually believe that?

“And that’s the point. Someone needs to break the cycle. Since Biden campaigned on uniting the nation, now would be a good time to follow through on that promise, tell the House to move on. Show the leadership he claims to own.”

The Hateful and Vengeful Responses

Remember when people knew they shouldn’t be hateful and vengeful and project onto others what they are? It’s hard to remember.

The responses were awful and hate-filled. Here are a few:

This man compares Trump to Hitler although it is Democrats who are behaving like authoritarians.

This person is blaming Trump for the bad behavior of others:

What crime did Trump commit?

This annoying CNN analyst is her usual self with a cop-out handy:

And so they go, on and on.

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3 years ago

Anyone with even marginal intelligence can see the demoratIC party specifically does not want unity. Most democratIC party supporters do not see this.