The absurd authoritarianism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


In October 2019, AOC and six other congresspeople said, “We write to express our strong concern about Apple’s censorship of Apps.” But, what a difference a year makes.

In January 2021, she wrote of the censorship of Parler, “Good to see this development from Apple.”

As Glenn Greenwald said earlier:

“That is the authoritarian mindset in its purest expression, right there: As long as Silicon Valley monopoly power is harnessed to silence those who think differently than I, I support it. Not a single major USN left-liberal politician has objected to this. Many have cheered.”

The world is looking at this and they are “shocked,” rightfully condemning it. “Only US liberals support this,” he writes.

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Not Sure
Not Sure
2 years ago

Perception management brought to you by the comrade kommissars of the Big Tech Bolsheviks.
Wrongthink and free thinkers are very dangerous to the build it back better fundamental transformation and it won’t be tolerated.
Be thankful that you got to grow up in the Old America and make sure to tell future generations about it some day in the camps.
They’ll laugh and think that you made it all up as they power slam a Brawndo Tall Can while watching Monday Night Rehabilitation.
The undefeated Beef Supreme is back against the under dog Not Sure.
Welcome to Costco, I love you.