IMF Is Working on a Global CBDC That Will Control the Masses


The IMF proposed a global Central Bank Digital Currency for a future cashless society. In other words, a global government of unelected bureaucrats will control all the money. What could go wrong?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced its plans to develop a global central bank digital currency (CBDC) platform. This will affect financial privacy and freedom, monetary sovereignty, and global equity. At the same time, the World Bank is pushing for digital IDs, and now this. The excuse is that globalists controlling all the money centrally will be more efficient, safer, and fairer, giving us more interoperability.

It’s no accident that they always leave out the part where they will have total control of the masses. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It is the outcome.

Their other excuse is that not doing it will leave a vacuum filled by cryptocurrencies. They can’t bear a decentralized digital currency.

However, the globalists are moving ahead

Today, 114 central banks are investigating CBDCs, and ten are at the finish line. Watch your global masters on this clip. A handful of people want to determine the currency for the world, and they will control it.

A central currency controlled by one global body is deeply disturbing. There would be no accountability. They would have all your information and could cut you off anytime.


Think of the surveillance the globalists could engage in.

Hacking is a problem.

What about our nation’s independence in monetary policy?

The globalists are open to new, more totalitarian ideas, such as putting expiration dates on CBDCs. They would have the power to move the goalposts at any time and can easily politicize it.

If you trust Joe Biden and the people behind the curtain in the White House, you will love this.

With this in mind, Maajid Nawaz stated that the most significant reason behind the political support for CBDCs is that it is controllable. He said:

“What they want to do is bring in this thing called the central banking digital currency. They want to replace fiat paper money with digital money as a competitor to bitcoin and crypto money. But instead of being a decentralized currency, it will be controlled by the government.”

China was the first to implement it. They are centralized and government-controlled. Some of the worst totalitarian nations are now looking into it.

Nawaz, famous in Britain,  speaking on the topic of the government’s control over financial freedom and talking about CBDCs, stated:

“It’s (CBDCs) not money; it’s vouchers.”


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