Report Prigozhin Offered Ukraine Russian Troop Positions


The following report comes from The Washington post. On May 15 of this year, a Discord leak indicated that Yevegeniy Prigozhin told Ukraine’s military he would tell them where to attack Russian troops if they would pull their own forces back from Bakhmut where Wagner mercenaries were taking heavy losses.

In January, his mercenary forces were dying by the thousands in a fight that ruined the city of Bakhmut. That’s a allegedly when he made the offer. 

Prigozhin was going to give Kyiv information on Russian troops positions, and Ukraine could in turn use them to attack Russian troops.

Allegedly Pergozhin conveyed the proposal to his contacts and Ukraine’s military intelligence, with whom he has maintained secret communications during the course of the war. This is the information  unreported by US intelligence, but leaked on the platform Discord. 

Pergozhin’s public feud with Russian military commanders, who he claims failed to equip and re-supplies forces, is why he betrayed his country. He is or was an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Two Ukrainian sources confirmed the leak. Allegedly, Pergozhin has spoken several times to Ukrainian intelligence, known as HUR. 

Ukraine’s President Zelensky would not confirm the contact,s saying “this is a matter of military intelligence.”

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