While You Look Away, Central Banks Prepare for Digital Money and IDs


While we are distracted by attacks from every direction, The Bank of England is moving the Kingdom to the ultimate control of the people – the Digital Pound. The Digital ID is next. The Digital Pound requires a Digital ID. The movement is not only evolving swiftly in the UK. It’s coming to the entire West, and areas invested in it.

The UK has moved onto the Digital Pound without much fanfare:

They’re even looking into negative interest rates and programmable money with expiration dates.

Vaccine passports, central bank digital currencies, and digital IDs won’t give us security. They will be a means to control us. We won’t have freedom if they control our money.

Central Bank Digital Currencies are piloted under the radar in many countries worldwide.

When they are ready to implement them suddenly and without our permission, they will tell us it will be convenient and make us more secure.

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2 months ago

This needs to be stopped by any means necessary!

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Complete assimilation under the “Mark of the Beast”…