Imminent National Blackouts As Dems Sabotage Our National Grid


Chuck DeVore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation warns that blackouts are in our near future. There is no other future if Democrats are allowed to – essentially – sabotage our national grid.

He explained that the more wind and solar you have, the more expensive it is because the grid has to be on all the time. For it to be on all the time – the more wind and solar – you have to either build huge expensive massive utility battery farms or hire reliable hydrocarbon powered hydrocarbon plants to stand around on standby for when they’re needed. And that takes money.

DeVore says, “So, no one is really invested in this. We’ve done the easy part first, and now like a person jumping out of an airplane, we leave the door and wonder, ‘have we got our parachute on?'”

It doesn’t work. No one is putting a stop to it.

Doing this to the nation’s national grid — our energy — is “effectively sabotage” and brings us “back into the Stone Age,” Tucker says.


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tom reynolds
tom reynolds
1 year ago

The only “green” in green energy is the money they are stealing from us with their frauds.

Michigan J Frogg
Michigan J Frogg
1 year ago

Absolutely right. Going ‘green’ is a good idea in theory, but we do not have the infrastructure, the knowledge nor the ability to facilitate a nationwide green policy without facing catastrophic disaster.