Imperialist Red China Moves on Hong Kong Protest Leaders


China is imperialistic and the more we help them do that through trade, the more the threat of war hangs over the world. They took over the South China Seas and will not negotiate the disputed area claimed by the Philippines. China claims they will work with Philippine President Duterte to manage the situation. That’s not likely.

China built armed islands in the South China Seas, a vitally important trade route.

At the same time, in Hong Kong, National Party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin was arrested at the airport as he was about to fly to Japan. Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was also arrested.


Hong Kong has some of the strictest gun laws in the world; police are among the few with access. Unlicensed carrying can mean 14 years in prison. These people can’t fight back easily.

There are reports that other leaders were attacked by thugs and violently hit with baseball bats and metal poles. The EU said the situation is extremely worrying and warned against further escalation.

No one cares what the wimpy EU thinks, especially not Chinese communists


President Trump has attacked General Motors for the large operation they have in China. He wants them to come back to the U.S. About 13% of U.S. companies will return to the U.S.

When a U.S. company goes to China, they have to give all their secrets to the Chinese and abide by their communist laws. The Red Chinese are now going full-bore into the social credit system which will allow Chinese people freedom of movement depending on how many social credits they have attained or not by doing everything they are told by their masters. That means U.S. companies, especially General Motors, will abide by the social credit system.

Of course, the companies should return or go to a less dangerous country.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong is burning. Police in Hong Kong are now dressing up as protesters so they can snatch and arrest real protesters. Chinese citizens around the world are siding with Beijing against the protesters. That’s sad.

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