Important! O’Reilly points out the worst danger facing our Republic


This presidential election was stolen in many different ways by many, from the media to politicians and even pollsters. They all dragged him over the finish line.

The media is very corrupt. They don’t report the news. They see themselves as hard-left activists with an agenda they need to fulfill. We face many dangers, but perhaps the worst is what O’Reilly pointed out on Beck’s show:

Bill O’Reilly told Glenn Beck that the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election was — and continues to be — “disgusting.” He said he doesn’t think the media even wants to know what really happened in November, and he believes the partnership between the media and the far left poses a “danger to the republic.”

As O’Reilly said, once Stalin, Mao, Hitler had control of the media “they did what they wanted.”

That is terrifying.

There are so many dangers now. If Joe Biden wins the Senate, it’s probably all over for the Republic.

Even with the Senate, Biden’s puppeteers can do a great deal of damage with his open borders, Medicaid for all, and freebies to people who didn’t earn them.


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