Important Request at SCOTUS on the Vax Mandate for Private Businesses


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and three companies – Phillips Manufacturing & Tower Company, Sixarp LLC, Oberg Industries LLC — requested the U.S. Supreme Court stay the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for private businesses with 100 or more employees.

They filed for an injunction on Friday. They say the Biden administration is pursuing unlimited federal executive power in the vaccine mandate for private businesses.

The Supreme Court has found against Biden’s mandates several times so far. This latest mandate seems arbitrary and unconstitutional to us laypeople.

“There is no dispute among the parties about the common desire to end the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads the application. “The arguments advanced by the Executive Branch admit to no cognizable limits on federal executive power.”

“Frustrated with a minority of Americans’ medical choices, the Executive Branch has attempted to control and surveil the vaccination schedules of enormous swaths of the country’s population,” the application added.

Companies are already struggling to survive and to recruit workers, as they state in their application.

Schmitt also asked SCOTUS to stay the Biden administration’s sweeping vaccine mandate.

Biden – or his handlers – see no limit to their power and will not stop unless someone stops them.

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the one insane
the one insane
1 year ago

Arbitrary and unconstitutional is the default setting for those out to destroy the republic once and for all.
Operating as if they have some mandate disguised as a coup.

1 year ago

Yes, “Defund the federal government” must be the cry of every conservative in the USA.

1 year ago

If the Supreme Court is senile enough to allow the Federal Government or even State Governments this unreasonable and clearly un-Constitutional power, in the near term, corporations can subdivide their company into entities of less than 100 people.

Back in the 1980s a company I worked for did something similar to get relief from Federal Government Bureaucracy Oppression in hiring practices. They broke up the company into smaller companies of less than 15 employees to get away from over zealous Feds invoking Title VII. Every division and office became a separate company.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is yet another Communist Bureaucracy trying to impose Central Planning upon Business in America. The Free Market will employ the people who will produce profits in accordance with ability. Imposing wages based on “effort” instead of accomplishment is Communism. Many OSHA regulations are ridiculous and introduce inefficiencies into business. OSHA and the EEOC should be defunded. States can do these functions far more efficiently without Federal Government “Quotas” and reporting requirements.