Importing terror! 2,000 Afghans in Ft. McCoy but not one has an SIV


There are 2,000 Afghans at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin, and not a single one of them is a Special Immigrant Visa holder, according to Congressman Tom Tiffany. Any and all can leave the base any time they want. Some have left and are embedded in American towns, according to The Washington Times.

Only a couple have left so far.

SIVs, special immigrant visas, are for those who are closely vetted, but there aren’t any at Ft. McCoy.

“It’s a bait-and-switch,” Rep. Tiffany said.


Instead of SIVs, they are paroled. Under parole, they are allowed to come under the authority of the DHS secretary for humanitarian reasons, in this case, for up to two years. But who will deport them if they should be deported?

It’s unclear if they will collect welfare or if the government will monitor. Whether they can ever deport any of these people is unclear.

Mr. Tiffany toured the base along with other Republicans in Wisconsin’s congressional delegation. He said they were told the base is about to get another 1,000 Afghans and believes it has a capacity for 10,000.

“They did not say this, the leadership at the fort, but I would expect they’re probably going to end up with 10,000 here very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised, if we continue to see a lot of Afghans come into the country, they’ll exceed the 10,000,” he said.

The officials claim the people were vetted – how?

“We want to know what people’s history is, and I get the sense they’re just pushing these people through,” he said. “I think this is very similar to what is happening on the southern border, where they’re just saying ‘Come on in,’ and we’ll deal with the details later.”

Most of the evacuees will come here.

There’s a real danger of admitting people who didn’t deserve it.

Mr. Tiffany said there’s an even bigger danger lurking in the flood of people.

“I think it is incredibly naive to think ISIS, the Taliban, or al Qaeda aren’t trying to embed people in the United States here who will be the next sleeper cell,” he said. “The worst thing that can happen is to have improperly vetted terrorists coming into our country and wreaking havoc here after Americans gave so much over the last 20 years. There was enough damage done in Afghanistan, we don’t need to be importing terror into this country.”

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