Importing terror! 2,000 Afghans in Ft. McCoy but not one has an SIV


There are 2,000 Afghans at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin, and not a single one of them is a Special Immigrant Visa holder, according to Congressman Tom Tiffany. Any and all can leave the base any time they want. Some have left and are embedded in American towns, according to The Washington Times.

Only a couple have left so far.

SIVs, special immigrant visas, are for those who are closely vetted, but there aren’t any at Ft. McCoy.

“It’s a bait-and-switch,” Rep. Tiffany said.


Instead of SIVs, they are paroled. Under parole, they are allowed to come under the authority of the DHS secretary for humanitarian reasons, in this case, for up to two years. But who will deport them if they should be deported?

It’s unclear if they will collect welfare or if the government will monitor. Whether they can ever deport any of these people is unclear.

Mr. Tiffany toured the base along with other Republicans in Wisconsin’s congressional delegation. He said they were told the base is about to get another 1,000 Afghans and believes it has a capacity for 10,000.

“They did not say this, the leadership at the fort, but I would expect they’re probably going to end up with 10,000 here very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised, if we continue to see a lot of Afghans come into the country, they’ll exceed the 10,000,” he said.

The officials claim the people were vetted – how?

“We want to know what people’s history is, and I get the sense they’re just pushing these people through,” he said. “I think this is very similar to what is happening on the southern border, where they’re just saying ‘Come on in,’ and we’ll deal with the details later.”

Most of the evacuees will come here.

There’s a real danger of admitting people who didn’t deserve it.

Mr. Tiffany said there’s an even bigger danger lurking in the flood of people.

“I think it is incredibly naive to think ISIS, the Taliban, or al Qaeda aren’t trying to embed people in the United States here who will be the next sleeper cell,” he said. “The worst thing that can happen is to have improperly vetted terrorists coming into our country and wreaking havoc here after Americans gave so much over the last 20 years. There was enough damage done in Afghanistan, we don’t need to be importing terror into this country.”



  1. “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” Obama said. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

  2. If these Afghans are give “asylum” they are on a “five-year” track to citizenship. Is there any question why they are sent to “red-states”.

  3. I’m not impressed with Donohue. Big Deal, so CBP and DHS were there. Clearly they weren’t thoroughly vetting the applicants.

  4. According to Psaki they haven’t did squat about those left behind. They are only now setting that up. A little late, don’t you think.

    What is hilarious is talk of “diplomatic” channels and preventing the Taliban from the “marketplace”. Really. They’ve been self-sufficient for the most part for 20 damn years.

    So, the first person’s question goes into relief for the unemployed. She constantly is reading from notes right off the top. Are the W.H. press briefings back to using a gaggle to know the topics asked. This used to be a common practice years ago.

    She says it was “forceful”. No doubt that is what the advisers had Told him to do, but he just couldn’t pull it off. He has too many anger issues when cornered.

    Of course they don’t think terrorists there can directly attack the homeland. BUT, how many of those same terrorists are already here.

    Instead of asking about Why Biden Lied about not leaving until All were evacuated, he instead asks, sheepishly, why he let his credibility go out the door. That Bloomberg man isn’t the brightest in the room anyway. Her response goes into the heightened “risk” because of the 13 dead. So, in essence she is saying Biden Cut and Ran.

    Of course she isn’t going to address the watch incident, only stuttering.

    HOW MANY TIMES is she going to say, “We are going forward…”

    WHY IN DAMN HELL does this woman Always SMILE when confronted with a serious and somber question, such as the interpreter who saved Biden’s Ass and was left behind. Oh, she gives a “thank you” for your 20 years of help. They have a “commitment” but doesn’t specifically, We will get you out. It’s left to “diplomatic channels”.

    It’s brought up about how Biden Promised Taliban wouldn’t take over and those who stayed counted on that. All she does is talk about the “success”. How can that press corps continue without getting Fed Up with this spin.

    She talks about “over the horizon” as if it’s been effective, but leaves out the Interpreter and the entire family wiped OUT, as a result.

    With the diplomatic questions, will be be having a Taliban “Ambassador” in the US. Knowing Biden, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    So one finally asked about the total mess with conflicting orders to the point where valid people are left behind and others without valid criteria are allowed. But they have “no confirmation”. How many Damn press reports and even Congress members reporting this does she need. All she can talk about is the 117,000 number. She’s one sick puppy.

    What a disgusting comment, She’s asked about terrorist concerns which she replies she expects them, the press, to get out there about the “vetting” process. WHEN has Anyone in this Administration give one single detail on vetting.

    She’s asked about any mistakes Biden may have made. The response, the Failure of the Afghans and what Biden expected.

    All I can say is, What A Joke She IS.

  5. Another smart move by an incompetent administration. I’m not so sure that we will make it another three years with this mob in control. Something has to change.

  6. AM enemedia (CIA) report stated that Red State is going to get some more Afghan cultural enrichment.
    Those who pay attention and saw the Section 8/WIC particle board apartments going up by the interstate knew this was coming plus the governor is Punchy Palooka Grand Old Politburo wrestling jobber right out of central casting that threw a bone to Trad Americans by getting the obedience masquerade right, leaving it up to local towns, businesses, school councils.

    O/T-The Pik-N-Pak is predictive programming for the cashless society as only one register lane with human cashier (!) accepts cash and out of 10 go check your self out lanes, only one accepts cash.
    Comrade kommissar Schwab must have issued the order as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    Saw online talk of $25 an hour minimum wage but will that be in carbon credits or Zimbabwe/Weimar wheelbarrow wallpaper?

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