In 1984, A Former Soviet Warned America


A regular caller to Greg Kelly’s radio show mentioned something people might not know. We are facing indoctrination in our schools and government with the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement. The acronym for it is DEI. The caller pointed out that it is Latin for ‘of God.’

One must wonder if it was deliberate since the Left insists on making this progressive movement a religion. They have made religious discrimination a way of life and portray themselves as disciples. Gov. of New York Kathy Hochul talked about making New Yorkers her apostles. Narcissistic Mayor Adams thinks he’s the mayor of New York because God wants him there. Joe Biden, the anti-Catholic who persecutes Catholics, is defined as The Good Catholic. Nancy Pelosi continuously made everything into a religious experience, even the abortion of children fully developed in the womb.

What is going on is Progressives want the State to become God.

The Soviet Subversion Model

Most older people know about former Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov, but for those who don’t, you should know that he outlined the four stages the Soviets followed to take over a country. It’s the Soviet Subversion Model.

The first stage is to demoralize the nation. It takes 10 to 20 years to indoctrinate three generations of children without a counterbalance.

That is long fulfilled. A lack of morals has more than helped complete this stage.

It takes two to five years to destabilize a nation. That is the second stage, with the ideas of Marxist-Leninism infused into our systems.

Next comes the crisis stage. If you allow the crisis with the promise of goodies, destabilize the economy, end free markets, and put a big government in D.C. with a benevolent dictator, it becomes normalized.  Bezemenov noted that our professors are helping with this. When they don’t come to power, they will become bitter enemies of the Marxist-Leninist ideology.

“The timebomb is ticking,” he said in 1984.

This time, the takeover could be so much worse. The new globalist world order takes in elements of fascism, communism, and feudalism, and they have AI. They will be able to lie and trick the masses in unimaginable ways. They have power that Lavrentiy Beria and Joseph Goebbels could only have dreamt of.

Have you listened to Klaus Schwab? You need to.

Don’t doubt this. Look at what they are doing, not what they say. Think critically.

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