In 2018, Nadler said a “partisan impeachment would tear the country apart”


In 2018, Jerrold Nadler said impeachment would tear the country apart. What has changed? The answer is nothing, just their determination to destroy the President and the Republican Party. They want power and nothing will get in their way.

This impeachment is clearly partisan, solely partisan.


He is very happy to tear the country apart.

Nothing is getting done. We don’t have the replacement for NAFTA signed and everything the President does is blocked by the socialist Democrats.

In the clip above, Nadler, the Chair of the House Judiciary, that committee that makes the decision on impeachment, says the president needs to have committed impeachable offenses, and the impeachable offenses need to be grave and the evidence needs to be crystal clear.

None of those factors are present.

As Rep. Banks said, it is the Democrats who are using impeachment to keep the President from winning in 2020. Congresspeople have admitted it.

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2 years ago

guess what Mr. Nadler, when the country comes apart, I’m sure You will be in their cross- hairs.

2 years ago

Hope Nadler dies tonight of a busted aorta and chokes on his own bile while watching Trump on CNN trash talk Macron.