In a Friday Interview, Joe Biden Insists on Free Healthcare for All Illegals


During a Friday interview on CNN’s “New Day,” former Vice President floppy Joe Biden said he definitely wants to give free healthcare to all illegal aliens.

Chris Cuomo mentioned it was unpopular, but how about the fact that it’s unaffordable? We don’t have money. We have to borrow from other countries, many of which are enemies, just to survive.

“I think undocumented people need to have a means by which they can be covered when they’re sick,” he said. “And the idea is I think that is what we should be doing by building more clinics around the country, not just for undocumented but other people when they’re ill, when they’re sick. This is just common decency.”

He is very generous with our money.

Meanwhile, at least 20 million Americans don’t have healthcare, and this man wants to give it away to foreigners breaking our laws. He knows it will invite more illegals into the country.

“Let me tell you something: In an emergency, they should have health care. Everybody should, anybody here in the country. How do you say, ‘You’re undocumented I’m going to let you die, man.’ What are you going to do? I mean the idea — you know I hear this stuff on how they’re killing Social Security, etc. Those who have jobs — guess what? They’ve increased the life span of Social Security by close to a dozen years. This is part of what Trump is playing on.”

They already get free emergency care at hospitals. No one is allowed to turn them away. He wants to institutionalize it.


Floppy Joe Biden will say and do anything to get elected. He is the one who claims he is a moderate. The other ‘moderate’ is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, and he is very far-left.



  1. During that same interview with Chris Cuomo Biden said ” Russia would not have gotten away with interfering in an election under his or President Barack Obama’s watch” …….WTH, Cuomo didn’t even call him out on the fact the 2016 election was under Obama and Biden’s watch, wow we heard it straight from the donkey ‘s a**

    • Thank you for saying it out loud…think the idiots Biden, brilliant interviewer, Cuomo and the former’s adoring brainwashed electorate would actually pick up on this…doubt it …they are so engrossed in being stupid that they are unaware that they ARE stupid!!!

  2. The mere suggestion of this insane promise providing free health care to illegals is an open invitation to billions of people. The hordes will be descending on our borders from every direction to get all of the promised Commiecrat freebies. The result there will be no healthcare of anyone, except the rich who can pay enormous fees out of pocket, but that’s exactly what they want.

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