In Aussie’s NT, Army’s Forcing COV-Infected People Into Quarantine Camps


Rising COVID Totalitarianism Throughout the Western World
The West is being forced into resembling the Chinese Communist dictators and they don’t care what the people want. They plan to build back better is some new form of totalitarianism. For example, in Australia’s Northern Territory, the army is forcing people infected with COV into quarantine camps.

In Australia’s Northern Territory, Chief Minister Michael Gunner has announced the Australian Defense Force (ADF) – their army – will force COVID positive cases into quarantine camps in Howard Springs.

Two communities — Binjari and Rockhole –were immediately placed into hard lockdown after only nine cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in the region.  The Chief Minister claims he has to do it to protect the aborigine community.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner is a totalitarian. Watch:

Brisbane is rising up.

Glasgow is fed up.

Slovenians can’t even get gas if they haven’t gotten the jab:



New Zealand



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Since the test does not work, and detects flu/cold/other things, it can be used to shut down society.

The people doing this must be shut down.

Free Helicopter Rides
Free Helicopter Rides
10 months ago

Stolen from the www-A socialist is just a communist without a gun.

No WAR in the Fight Room
No WAR in the Fight Room
10 months ago

These things happen when the guns are confiscated.
Coming soon to an egalitarian sewer pipe near you (?)