Real Reason Goldberg & Hayes Left Fox Has Nothing to Do with Tucker


Earlier, we reported that Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg were leaving Fox in protest of Tucker Carlson, especially over his opinion documentary about the January 6 Capitol riot. It was obnoxious. Seriously, who do these two think they are?

Well, as it turns out they weren’t very honest.

According to the Washington Post, Fox News wasn’t planning on renewing their contracts when they expired next year.

A Fox News executive said the network had not planned to re-sign Goldberg and Hayes when their contract expired next year, WaPo reports.

While it is not uncommon for paid commentators to exit, often for new opportunities at rival television networks, it is extremely unusual for longtime pundits to burn down their former employer on the way out, WaPo says.

The only recent precedent at Fox News is Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who called out the network in a scathing 2018 internal memo conveying to colleagues his reasons for not renewing his contract as a strategic analyst.

Peters seemed to go insane. All three of these people were never Trumpers pretending to be conservatives.

Bill Kristol, a far-Left creep praised their move. Figures!

Donald Trump was the most conservative president we had since Ronald Reagan. If they were true conservatives, they would have supported him. They’re total frauds.

These two are also jealous of Tucker. there is no doubt.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

These 2 are skilled propagandists of the Intel variety, always having a pretense of patriotism. Kristol also. Peters behaved as if under great duress. I think they are all Intel people. To have such a great opposition to exposing the January 6th government plot, which was an undeniable plot, is a tell tale sign of corruption.

All of their behaviors showed great contradictions, since Trump policies were mostly things they supported pre-Trump. This is how we can detect deception.

The media has lots of these people. I mentioned George Will, there is/was also Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer, … these people show the same contradictions, their words were/are obvious pretenses.

R Perkins
R Perkins
2 years ago

Every time I see Steve Hays, Jonah Goldberg, Cavuto, and Chris Wallace on Fox, I tell my wife: “Trump hater alert, Trump hater alert.” These are Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and GW Bush Republicans. They probably agree with Peter Strzok about smelling Trump supporters at the local Walmart.

No Room For Commie
No Room For Commie
2 years ago

They are Long March fellow traveler comrades like a lot of frauds in the “conservative” movement.
Know them by their deeds and words.
I think Hayes got something right about immigration once about ten years ago and I have never heard of JG, until now.
No room for FAUX after the early announcement of Arizona for CCP Joe, no room for quisling traitors.