In Biden’s America & Hochul’s NY, Criminals Go Free, While SPAM Get’s Locked Up!


In Biden’s America & Hochul’s NY, Criminals Go Free,

While SPAM Get’s Locked Up!

As summed up by the NY Post, “It’s the nation’s crisis in a can.  Inflation and crime have gotten so bad in Gotham that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up.”

Ah, but no so for dangerous criminals who are released without bail, before the police finish filing their paperwork.  

Some horrifying, indefensible examples would include: 

The viral video of a teenage thug repeatedly punching a cop trying to arrest him for jumping a subway turnstile. The 16 year old, who had recently been arrested for robbery and possessing a loaded 9 MM handgun, was quickly back on the street.  New York’s “raise the age law” keeps sending this criminal back to Family Court where clueless judges act more like social workers than jurists.

Another incident that got national attention was the attack on GOP Congressman and NY gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.  The alleged assailant David Jakubonis, was as Zeldin predicted, out in a couple of hours.  It took the FBI to throw a tent over this New York inspired circus, by arresting and holding Mr. Jakubonis.  

One especially troubling. quickly buried. catch and release story centered around a drug bust in the “The Big Apple”.  Two suspected cartel members Louis Estrada and Carlos Santos, were nabbed with 165 pounds of crystal meth, worth $1.2 million.  Despite being from California, they were sent on their way, without posting a bond.  That’s because the two men could only be charged with second-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, as opposed to a narcotic, under the state’s inexcusably outdated drug laws.  

Spam is locked up in Duane Reade’s

Meanwhile, in some stores, cans of Spam are being stocked in plastic, anti-theft cases.  “I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier said while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage.

Jenny Kenny, 43, who was visiting from Louisville, KY, was aware of the ongoing crime waves hitting cities like New York but still couldn’t believe the sight of “so many things in boxes.”

“Some of these things are pretty ridiculous,” she said.

Yup.  In Biden’s America and Hochul’s New York, criminals return to the streets, while Spam gets locked up!  That’s way beyond ridiculous.  

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1 year ago

I’m see periodic shortages every time I go to the grocery. I have 6 months of food in storage. I’m actually thinking about doubling that supply and adding more chickens and cattle. If Democrats aren’t crushed by a Red America First Tsunami, we will be in real trouble next year.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Typical act from some slob with huge teeth who was never elected in the first place.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

It’s a Greg Gutfeld monologue and panel discussion waiting to happen:). Cause it’s just that sick.